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About colocation

MSK-IX provides colocation services to participants at several data centers owned by MSK-IX or by partners.

The service details vary from site to site and generally include:

  • Provision of colocation space and 19" racks
  • Service support and remote hands
  • Connection to MSK-IX
  • Cross-connects
  • Out-of band access and console servers
Technological siteAddressWebsite
M9.PLUSButlerova, 7
KIAEHOUSEKurchatov sq., 1, building 301-
StoreDataNizhegorodskaya, 32, building А
Safedata Moscow-IOstapovsky pr-d, 22
Safedata Moscow-IIKuchatov sq., 1, building 119
Technological siteAddressWebsite
Raduga 2Kantemirovskaya, 12

For more details, please contact MSK-IX administrative representatives.

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