Remote connection to MSK-IX

If you do not colocate equipment at MSK-IX locations, you can connect to MSK-IX remotely using capacity from MSK-IX partners and resellers. Remote connection allows you to become a full-fledged participant of MSK-IX, which means full control of your peering sessions and direct access to MSK-IX support.

All of the MSK-IX partners and resellers provide 24x7 customer support. Resellers can act as contracting parties for MSK-IX Internet eXchange service. When connecting via partners, a separate agreement has to be signed with MSK-IX.

If you are connecting to MSK-IX via an operator who does not participate in the Remote IX program, consider listing MSK-IX as your representative at the operator's technical support for faster troubleshooting.

To obtain a list of MSK-IX partners and resellers, please contact MSK-IX administrative representatives.