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Tools and utilities

MSK-IX makes available to the participants the following tools and utilities:

  • MY.IX.RU Customer Portal. The MSK-IX Customer Portal provides real-time information on MSK-IX services, traffic and participants.

  • Route Server. An intermediate broker system operated by MSK-IX to facilitate simplified interconnection among multiple participants.

  • Looking Glass. An online tool for viewing BGP routes on MSK-IX Route Servers. Used for troubleshooting and evaluation of peering opportunities.

Public services and utilities supported by MSK-IX:

  • DNS resolver. A DNS resolver supported by MSK-IX for faster loading of web pages by using anycast and caching technologies.

  • NTP Server. A Stratum 1 network time server for synchronizing the internal clocks of computers and other connected equipment.

  • Whois Server. A local public mirror of RIPE DB for fast setup of route filters.

  • AS112 server. A node of AS112 anycast cloud providing a sink for reverse DNS queries for private IP-addresses in order to reduce the load on the IN-ADDR.ARPA authoritative servers.

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